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For Additional Information, Contact:

Debra Wise
Artistic Director
Phone: 617.576.9278 x203

Touring Information

Underground Railway Theater no longer tours.
Read about our past history as a touring theater group:

Watch a video montage of some of our work: Windows Media Player

How Do You Spell Hope?: Celebrating the power of literacy, three inspiring stories of courage and compassion are woven together and performed on a giant theatrical pop-up book. Each page reveals puppet stages, actor’s entrances, shadow puppet screens and much more!
Designed especially for grades 3-12 and their families; also plays well for younger grades prepared with the study guide.

The magic of theater truly comes alive in "How Do You Spell Hope?"; one of the best pieces of family theater in a long time.
Boston Herald

Are You Ready My Sister?: A powerful, original historical adventure story of Harriet Tubman, the 'Moses of her people' and the Quaker women who helped her bring 300 slaves to freedom.
For grades K-8 and families (study guide available).

Today the spirit of the freedom trains still flourishes in Boston, thanks to the Underground Railway Theater.
Boston Herald

Alice's Adventures Underground: A unique and original adaptation of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. This musical, magical journey celebrates life on both sides of the looking glass; a comic Carollercoaster ride through the author's dreamscapes that also traces an adult Alice's reentry into childhood.
For grades K-8 and families at performing arts centers.

Unforgettable…children (in the audience) spoke for themselves with exclamations of ‘wow’ and ‘cool.’
Boston Phoenix

Orchestral Pieces Available for Touring:

The Tempest: Original score by Robert Rodriguez. This adaptation of Shakespeare’s most magical play retains the spirit of the poetry while streamlining the story for family audiences. Commissioned by the Boston Symphony, The Tempest is a spectacular interplay between dazzling visuals – brilliantly colored shadow-puppetry, masks, puppets made of pure light – and a rich orchestral score that includes exotic, rarely-heard Pre-Columbian music. A pre-show narration with musical examples ensures that children can follow the story. Related workshops and study guides are available, including a DVD with a backstage view of how the puppets are performed.

Superb…Shadow puppets tell the story with amazing technological sophistication… "Tempest" will take audiences by storm.
- Boston Globe

The Firebird: a color shadow puppet ballet set to Stravinsky’s 1919 suite, has become a classic, performed with scores of orchestras and at many international festivals, and awarded the highest distinction in puppetry: a citation from l’Union Internationale de la Marionettes. Its breathtakingly beautiful story of friendship between a boy and the mythical Firebird is charged with excitement provided by a fantastic army of little monsters.

Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks: inspired by Richard Strauss’ dramatic tone poem, has the look of stained-glass windows come to life, and the story is pure farce – the adventures of a trickster who gets into one hilarious scrape after another, making mischief even with the mighty – until his story comes to a surprising ending.

Both Firebird and Till were commissioned by the Boston Symphony. Each is introduced with a narration which includes musical examples. The two shows can be booked separately or together; related workshops and study guides are available.

Everyone, including Seiji Ozawa, was extremely impressed.
- Harry Ellis Dickson, Boston Symphony Orchestra

Click here to acces the study guide for
The Firebird and Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks (PDF format).

Carnival of the Animals: Specifically designed for small children and their families, participation is the keynote of this original version of Saint Saen’s Carnival. URT actors arrive in advance to train high-school or college actors and dancers from the community (chosen by the presenter) who perform in colorful body-puppets with the URT professionals. Children from the audience are also recruited as they come into the lobby, and learn their animals’ moves. The result is a playful musical fantasy entered into eagerly by all.

The degree of audience involvement is extremely high, and thus the appreciation of the music is greatly enhanced.
Oakland Symphony Orchestra

Narrations Available for Touring:

The Colorful Symphony or The Dot and the Line (Rodrigez)
The Chenoo Who Stayed To Dinner (Peter Schickele)
Noah's Ark (Weiner)
The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Dukas)